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Additional file 6 of Alternative splicing of NF-YA promotes prostate cancer aggressiveness and represents a new molecular marker for clinical stratification of patients

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posted on 16.11.2021, 04:31 authored by Silvia Belluti, Valentina Semeghini, Giovanna Rigillo, Mirko Ronzio, Daniela Benati, Federica Torricelli, Luca Reggiani Bonetti, Gianluca Carnevale, Giulia Grisendi, Alessia Ciarrocchi, Massimo Dominici, Alessandra Recchia, Diletta Dolfini, Carol Imbriano
Additional file 6: Suppl. Figure S6. Effect of NF-YA overexpression on tumor growth in vivo and analysis of NF-YA isoforms in PCa metastatic sites. (A) Volumes (mm3) of Empty, NF-YAs and NF-YAl xenograft tumors at the indicated time points. Data represent mean ± SEM (two-way ANOVA with Holm-Sidak's test: *p<0.05, **p<0.01, ns, not significant, n=8). (B) Images of xenograft tumors dissected from SCID Hairless Outbred (SHO®) mice after 5 weeks from s.c. injection. (C) Analysis of NF-YAs and NF-YAl transcripts in metastatic sites from PCa samples (GEO147250) and TCGA dataset (Prostate primary).


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