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Additional file 4: of VOPP1 promotes breast tumorigenesis by interacting with the tumor suppressor WWOX

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posted on 02.10.2018, 05:00 by Florian Bonin, Karim Taouis, Paula Azorin, Ambre Petitalot, Zakia Tariq, Sebastien Nola, Nadège Bouteille, Sandrine Tury, Sophie Vacher, Ivan Bièche, Khadija Rais, Gaelle Pierron, Laetitia Fuhrmann, Anne Vincent-Salomon, Etienne Formstecher, Jacques Camonis, Rosette Lidereau, François Lallemand, Keltouma Driouch
Figure S3. VOPP1 expression and gene amplification in human breast tumors. (A) Box plots of VOPP1 expression levels (normalized expression units) in independent microarray studies obtained from the Oncomine database ( https://www.oncomine.org ). Differences between normal and cancerous tissues are shown for four breast cancer datasets (TCGA, p < 10−18; Curtis, p < 10−54; Gluck, p = .015; Student’s t test). (B) VOPP1 expression in the four molecular subtypes in two independent cohorts “EMC” (n = 344; GSE2034 and GSE5327), and “NKI” (n = 295; Netherlands Cancer Institute). C) The CGH profiles showing VOPP1 chromosomal region are detailed for the two tumors highlighted in Fig. 6. (TIF 631 kb)


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