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Additional file 4 of Utilizing minimally purified secreted rAAV for rapid and cost-effective manipulation of gene expression in the CNS

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posted on 2020-03-03, 05:04 authored by Marshall Goodwin, Cara Croft, Hunter Futch, Daniel Ryu, Carolina Ceballos-Diaz, Xuefei Liu, Giavanna Paterno, Catalina Mejia, Doris Deng, Kimberly Menezes, Laura Londono, Kefren Arjona, Mary Parianos, Van Truong, Eva Rostonics, Amanda Hernandez, Sanford Boye, Shannon Boye, Yona Levites, Pedro Cruz, Todd Golde
Additional file 4: Figure S4. EGFP expression in BSC cultures transduced by unpurified media preparations compared to lysate purified preparations of rAAV2/8. BSCs were transduced with either unpurified media rAAV or lysate purified rAAV of capsids rAAV2/8. All preparations were diluted to 1 × 1010 vg/mL of BSC culture media to allow for direct comparison of EGFP levels. (A) BSC lysates were immunoblotted for both EGFP and actin. Western blots used for quantification are shown (n = 3). (B) Bar chart shows EGFP signal normalized to actin and expressed as percent of control wells transduced with lysate purified rAAV. Data are mean ± SEM. N = 3 student’s un-paired t-test ns = not significant.


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