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Additional file 4: of High-fat and high-glucose microenvironment decreases Runx2 and TAZ expression and inhibits bone regeneration in the mouse

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posted on 18.02.2019, 05:00 by Xuan Wu, Yunpeng Zhang, Yixiao Xing, Bin Zhao, Cong Zhou, Yong Wen, Xin Xu
Figure S4. IHC staining of Runx2 and TAZ in the four groups. A–C Compared with NC group, the expression of Runx2 was weaker in the other three groups and was the lowest in HFHG group. Scale, 20 μm. D–F The expression of TAZ showed a significant difference between NC and HFHG groups, but not in HF and HG groups. Scale, 20 μm. (TIF 59170 kb)


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