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Additional file 4 of Genome-wide association study reveals the genetic basis of fiber quality traits in upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.)

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posted on 28.08.2020, 03:56 by Wei Liu, Chengxiang Song, Zhongying Ren, Zhiqiang Zhang, Xiaoyu Pei, Yangai Liu, Kunlun He, Fei Zhang, Junjie Zhao, Jie Zhang, Xingxing Wang, Daigang Yang, Wei Li
Additional file 4: Figure S3. Comparison of expression levels of Gh_D09G2376 and Gh_D06G1908 between Xinlumian30 and Sukang191. a Box plots for fiber quality traits of Xinlumian30 and Sukang191. b Expression of Gh_D09G2376 in Xinlumian30 and Sukang191 by RT-qPCR. c Expression of Gh_D06G1908 in Xinlumian30 and Sukang191 by RT-qPCR. GhHis3 was used as a housekeeping gene. Error bars represent the standard deviations of three independent biological replicates. ** indicates the significance level at 0.01 by using two-tailed t-test method.