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Additional file 4: Figure S4. of Pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate activates the Nrf2 pathway in astrocytes

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posted on 26.02.2016, 05:00 by Jeffrey Liddell, Sarka Lehtonen, Clare Duncan, Velta Keksa-Goldsteine, Anna-Liisa Levonen, Gundars Goldsteins, Tarja Malm, Anthony White, Jari Koistinaho, Katja Kanninen
Effect of kinase inhibitors on viability of astrocytes. (A) Cell viability was measured by LDH release and (B) MTT reduction in primary neonatal astrocytes co-treated with PDTC and 10 μM indicated inhibitors for 4 h. LDH release expressed as mean percentage of initial total cellular LDH activity ± SD. MTT reduction expressed as mean percentage of viable cells ± SD normalized to control cells. *p < 0.05 relative to corresponding control cells; a p < 0.05 relative to corresponding treatment without PDTC.


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