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Additional file 3: of The impact of ankle–foot orthoses on toe clearance strategy in hemiparetic gait: a cross-sectional study

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posted on 24.10.2019, 13:16 by Kannit Pongpipatpaiboon, Masahiko Mukaino, Fumihiro Matsuda, Kei Ohtsuka, Hiroki Tanikawa, Junya Yamada, Kazuhiro Tsuchiyama, Eiichi Saitoh
Figure S2. Experimental setting for clarifying measurement error. A: A 1-m-long aluminum bar with four markers on it. B-D: The participant held the aluminium bar in three ways while walking; parallel to his torso, parallel to the sagittal and horizontal planes, or parallel to the coronal and horizontal planes. (PNG 1540 kb)


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