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Additional file 3: of Gene overlapping and size constraints in the viral world

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posted on 21.05.2016 by Nadav Brandes, Michal Linial
Supplemental figure – Viral taxonomy. (A) The evolvement of the viral world classification in over 40 years, according to the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses (ICTV, 2013). As for 2013, there are 2827 recognized species in 455 genera in 103 families. Most of the time, the number of recognized species has been growing steadily, but in 1998 it dropped from 2370 to 1551, due to reconsideration of former classifications. (B) A classification example, showing the Zaire ebolavirus species, which is a member of the Ebolavirus genus in the Filoviridae family of the ssRNA- group. (PNG 189 kb)