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Additional file 3 of A comprehensive metabolic profiling of the metabolically healthy obesity phenotype

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posted on 10.05.2020, 03:54 by Vibeke H. Telle-Hansen, Jacob J. Christensen, Gulla Aase Formo, Kirsten B. Holven, Stine M. Ulven
Additional file 3: Figure S3. There is systematic variation in lipid species content for 14 lipid subclasses across all study groups. The figure shows the distribution of lipid species across all 14 subclasses for MUO, MHO and NW groups. The left-hand side “% of total lipids” column and color-coding correspond to the absolute concentration of lipid species reported in the boxplot-dotplot columns on the right-hand side. Abbreviations: HDL, High-density lipoprotein; IDL, Intermediate-density lipoprotein; L, Large; LDL, Low-density lipoprotein; M, Medium; MHO, Metabolically healthy obese subjects; MUO, Metabolically unhealthy obese subjects; NW, Normal weight subjects; S, Small; VLDL, Very low-density lipoprotein; XL, Extra-large; XS, Extra-small; XXL, Extremely large.


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