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Additional file 2 of The phospholipase D inhibitor FIPI potently blocks EGF-induced calcium signaling in human breast cancer cells

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posted on 09.04.2021, 03:22 by Helena M. Stricker, Nadine Rommerswinkel, Silvia Keil, Sandina A. Gnoth, Bernd Niggemann, Thomas Dittmar
Additional file 2. Fig. S1: Even low concentrations of FIPI significantly impaired EGF-induced calcium release in MDA-NEO and MDA-HER2 cells. Stimulation of cells with different concentrations of PA did not induce calcium release in either cell line, whereas EGF-induced calcium release was significantly blocked by different edelfosine concentrations. Shown are the mean ± S.E.M. of three independent experiments. Statistical analysis: one-way ANOVA and Tukey’s post hoc test: * =  p < 0.05, ** =  p < 0.01, *** =  p < 0.001, **** =  p < 0.0001.


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