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Additional file 2 of Quantification of total apolipoprotein E and its isoforms in cerebrospinal fluid from patients with neurodegenerative diseases

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posted on 2020-02-14, 04:53 authored by K. Minta, G. Brinkmalm, S. Janelidze, S. Sjödin, E. Portelius, E. Stomrud, H. Zetterberg, K. Blennow, O. Hansson, U. Andreasson
Figure S1. The LC gradient profile. Acquisition schematics (A) with the region of data collection expanded (B). Separation was performed at a flow rate of 300 μL/min with a broken gradient going from 0 to 30% B over 5.5 min. The set gradient is shown in pink, while the actual conditions at the time of spraying (the time delay due to the total delay volume of the LC system was about 3.15 min) are shown in blue. The 30 s peptide acquisition traces are shown in green (endogenous peptide) and orange (internal standard) with the peptide sequences indicated (* indicates peptides common to all isoforms). At most, six analytes were measured at the same time.


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