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Additional file 2 of Interaction of zinc and IAA alleviate aluminum-induced damage on photosystems via promoting proton motive force and reducing proton gradient in alfalfa

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posted on 2020-09-19, 03:32 authored by Liantai Su, Jianping Xie, Wuwu Wen, Jiaojiao Li, Peng Zhou, Yuan An
Additional file 2 Figure S2. Al contents in roots (a) and shoots (b), Zn contents in roots (c) and shoots (d) and Al/Zn ratio in roots (e) and shoots (f) of alfalfa seedlings with apical buds grown in 1.5 mM Ca(NO3)2 medium (pH 4.5) containing 0 μM AlCl3 (pH 4.5), 100 μM AlCl3 (pH 4.5 + Al), 100 μM AlCl3 and 50 μM ZnCl2 (pH 4.5 + Al + Zn), 100 μM AlCl3 and 6 mg L− 1 IAA (foliar spray) (pH 4.5 + Al + IAA) or 100 μM AlCl3 and 50 μM ZnCl2 and 6 mg L− 1 IAA (foliar spray) (pH 4.5 + Al + Zn + IAA) on 3 days. Data are means ± SE of three replicates from three independent experiments. Bars with different letters indicate significant difference at P < 0.05 (Leas significant difference test).