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Additional file 2: of High-resolution chromosome painting with repetitive and single-copy oligonucleotides in Arachis species identifies structural rearrangements and genome differentiation

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posted on 2018-10-17, 05:00 authored by Pei Du, Lina Li, Hua Liu, Liuyang Fu, Li Qin, Zhongxin Zhang, Caihong Cui, Ziqi Sun, Suoyi Han, Jing Xu, Xiaodong Dai, Bingyan Huang, Wenzhao Dong, Fengshou Tang, Lifang Zhuang, Yonghua Han, Zengjun Qi, Xinyou Zhang
Figure S2. FISH mapping of DP-3 (b, g, and l; green) and DP-4 (c, h, and m; red) by sequential FISH using 45S rDNA (e, g, and j; red), 5S rDNA (e, g, and j, green) and A. duranensis (a, green) and A. ipaënsis (a, red) total genomic DNA as probes in SLH (a–e), A. duranensis (f–j), and A. ipaënsis (k–o). (TIF 2188 kb)


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