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Additional file 2: of Autonomic nervous system response to remote ischemic conditioning: heart rate variability assessment

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posted on 2019-09-10, 04:56 authored by Daniel Noronha Osório, Ricardo Viana-Soares, João Marto, Marcelo Mendonça, Hugo Silva, Cláudia Quaresma, Miguel Viana-Baptista, Hugo Gamboa, Helena Vieira
Figure S2. Global population boxplots comparing occlusion and non-occlusion intervals. Each graph corresponds to one HRV feature: Mean R-R intervals (ms); median R-R intervals (ms); percentage of intervals falling outside a 50 ms difference, pNN50 (%); root mean square of successive differences of the R-R interval values per event (rMSSD (ms); normalized low frequency power spetrum density, nuLF PSD (%); normalized high frequency power spectrum density, nuHF PSD (%); LF and HF normalized power spectrum density ratio, LF/HF; SD1 axis of the Poincaré plot, SD1 axis (ms); SD2 axis of the Poincaré plot, SD2 axis (ms) and SD1/SD2 per event. Red lines correspond to mean value, black lines correspond to median value and * p-value < 0.05. (TIFF 129 kb)


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