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Additional file 2: of Advancing osteochondral tissue engineering: bone morphogenetic protein, transforming growth factor, and fibroblast growth factor signaling drive ordered differentiation of periosteal cells resulting in stable cartilage and bone formation in vivo

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posted on 2018-02-21, 05:00 authored by L. Mendes, H. Katagiri, W. Tam, Y. Chai, L. Geris, S. Roberts, F. Luyten
Figure S1. Early mineralization patterns of TIs at 2 weeks after ectopic implantation in nude mice. Left: alcian blue staining showing the presence of mineralized cartilage in the top layers of the construct (encircled by dotted black lines) and vascular ingrowth from the bottom layers (black arrows). Right: ÎźCT cross-section confirming the presence of mineralized tissues (encircled by dotted black lines) and nonmineralized GAG-positive tissues, between white and black lines (Visualization of nonmineralized cartilage was possible following incubation with Hexabrix, a cartilage contrast agent). (TIFF 14998 kb)


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