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Additional file 2: of A purely bioinformatic pipeline for the prediction of mammalian odorant receptor gene enhancers

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posted on 2019-09-15, 03:38 authored by Andrea Degl’Innocenti, Gabriella Meloni, Barbara Mazzolai, Gianni Ciofani
Figure S2. Graphical representations of position-specific weight matrices (PSWMs) used to predict elements. Matrices 1 to 3 are derived from mouse and rat core element sequences discovered prior to 2014 (i.e. “early”); PSWMs 4 and 5 were obtained from all known mouse elements for class II OR genes (that is, “late”), while 6 and 7 reproduce class J-like (J) enhancers as found in different Muridae taxa. Remaining matrices represent single transcription factor binding sites, either for homeodomain (HD, PSWM 8) or olfactory/early B factors (O/E, matrices 9 to 12). (TIFF 7831 kb)