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Additional file 2: Figure S2. of Inhibition of Oct 3/4 mitigates the cardiac progenitor-derived myocardial repair in infarcted myocardium

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posted on 2015-12-24, 05:00 authored by Yu Zhao, Jianfeng Du, Youfang Chen, Yaoliang Tang, Gangjian Qin, Guorong Lv, Shougang Zhuang, Ting Zhao
Showing negative controls for GFP signals from Sham and MI myocardium. Representative negative control immunostaining images of c-kit+ CSC-derived cardiomyocytes. GFP (red) was used to identify c-kit+ CSCs, and cardiomyocytes were stained with ι-actin (green). Only images from sham and MI-PBS groups are presented. Scale bar: 100 Οm. The detailed procedure is described in Materials and methods. (TIF 350 kb)


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