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Additional file 1: of Novel TNF receptor-1 inhibitors identified as potential therapeutic candidates for traumatic brain injury

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posted on 2018-05-22, 05:00 authored by Rachel Rowe, Jordan Harrison, Hongtao Zhang, Adam Bachstetter, David Hesson, Bruce O’Hara, Mark Greene, Jonathan Lifshitz
Figure S1. Uninjured sham mice showed no significant drug-induced change in sleep compared to baseline or the vehicle treated group. (A) There was no significant treatment effect on sleep in uninjured sham mice when compared to their pre-treatment baseline sleep (F2,6 = 0.6759, p = 0.5436). (B) The change in cumulative sleep from vehicle-treated shams was calculated and there was no significant treatment effect on sleep in the C7-treated or SGT-treated shams (t4 = 1.689, p = 0.1665). (TIF 152 kb)


National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke