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Additional file 1 of Immune recognition of syngeneic, allogeneic and xenogeneic stromal cell transplants in healthy retinas

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posted on 2022-08-21, 03:12 authored by María Norte-Muñoz, Alejandro Gallego-Ortega, Fernando Lucas-Ruiz, María J. González-Riquelme, Yazmín I. Changa-Espinoza, Caridad Galindo-Romero, Peter Ponsaerts, Manuel Vidal-Sanz, David García-Bernal, Marta Agudo-Barriuso
Additional file 1: Fig. S1. Mouse and human MSC immunophenotype and multilineage differentiation properties. A Bone marrow MSCs from human and mouse were analysed for the expression of the MSC surface markers CD73, CD90 and CD105, and the haematopoietic markers CD14, CD20, CD45 and CD34 by flow cytometry. Control isotypes staining (grey histograms) are shown. B hBM-MSCs and mBM-MSCs were cultured in adipogenic, osteogenic and chondrogenic differentiation media to evaluate their multilineage differentiation properties. Adipogenic differentiation was assessed by lipid droplets staining using Oil Red O solution. Osteogenic differentiation was evaluated by detecting calcium deposition and alkaline phosphatase activity by Alizarin Red and BCIP/NBT staining, respectively. Finally, chondrogenic differentiation was evaluated by detecting expression of glycosaminoglycans by Alcian blue and eosin staining. Scale bar: 200 µm.


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