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Additional file 1: of Gene overlapping and size constraints in the viral world

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posted on 21.05.2016 by Nadav Brandes, Michal Linial
Supplemental figure – The observation that the number of significantly overlapping genes is bounded is only mildly affected by the choice of thresholds. Two plots presenting the same analysis as in Fig. 3a, where only significantly overlapping genes (SOGs) are considered, but with different thresholds for the definition of what is considered significant: 100 nt (A) and 50 nt (B). Only the X-axis is in log scale. Filtered out 3 outlying families (Nimaviridae, Phycodnaviridae and Iridoviridae with 461/472 of 532, 200/225 of 505 and 70/75 of 186 SOGs, respectively), leaving 90 shown families. Spearman rank correlation: ρ = 0.16, p-value = 0.13 (A) and ρ = 0.33, p-value = 0.0015 (B). (PNG 264 kb)