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Additional file 1 of Dpr10 and Nocte are required for Drosophila motor axon pathfinding

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posted on 2022-10-22, 07:40 authored by Meike Lobb-Rabe, Katherine DeLong, Rio J. Salazar, Ruiling Zhang, Yupu Wang, Robert A. Carrillo
Additional file 1: Supplementary Fig. 1 (Supplement to Fig. 1): Embryo hatching and muscle patterning defects in dpr10 mutants. (A) Percentage of hatched embryos in w1118 and dpr10CR backgrounds, ***p < 0.001. (B) A control w1118 animal depicting the normal muscle patterns in the ventral field. Neurons were labeled by staining for HRP (magenta) and postsynapses were labeled by staining for DLG (green). Note that the GFP channel also outlines individual muscles. (C) A dpr10CR animal with a missing m5. Ectopic innervation of m12 by MN5-Ib indicated with arrowhead. (D) A dpr10-GAL4 animal with a split m5. (B′-D′) Cartoon schematics of muscle patterning observed in A-C. Aberrant muscles highlighted in red. Scale bar = 50 μm.