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Additional file 1: of Circular RNA circTADA2A promotes osteosarcoma progression and metastasis by sponging miR-203a-3p and regulating CREB3 expression

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posted on 02.04.2019, 05:00 by Yizheng Wu, Ziang Xie, Junxin Chen, Jiaxin Chen, Weiyu Ni, Yan Ma, Kangmao Huang, Gangliang Wang, Jiying Wang, Jianjun Ma, Shuying Shen, Shunwu Fan
Figure S1. The effects of knocking down several microRNAs on the apoptosis of OS cells. a HOS and 143B cells were transfected with various microRNA mimics or mimics N.C. After 48 h, apoptotic cells were detected by flow cytometry with Annexin V-FITC/PI staining. Histograms are shown in Fig. 3. b Schematic illustration shows the complementary sequence between miR-203a-3p and circTADA2A. CircTADA2A Mut1, Mut2 and Co-Mut sequences are shown in lowercase letters. Data are representative of three independent experiments with similar results (a). (TIF 2763 kb)


National Natural Science Foundation of China