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Additional file 17: Figure S15. of CPAG: software for leveraging pleiotropy in GWAS to reveal similarity between human traits links plasma fatty acids and intestinal inflammation

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posted on 2015-09-15, 05:00 authored by Liuyang Wang, Stefan Oehlers, Scott Espenschied, John Rawls, David Tobin, Dennis Ko
Entropy-based comparisons of 11 similarity indices. a) Average Gini-Simpson entropy index and Shannon-Wiener entropy index were calculated for each cluster number K for each similarity index. Both entropy indices are unweighted without considering effect of cluster size. The Chao-Sorensen similarity index had the least heterogeneity across different K for both entropy indices. b) Average and median cluster size were plotted against cluster number K. For Chao-Sorensen, the cluster sizes have slight variation while K increases from 2 to 30, and also generates medium to large cluster. We removed the largest cluster of the hierarchical clustering tree from this analysis to reduce possible bias to the average cluster size. (TIFF 346 kb)


NIAID Research Scholar Development Award