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Additional file 10 of Macrophage mediated recognition and clearance of Borrelia burgdorferi elicits MyD88-dependent and -independent phagosomal signals that contribute to phagocytosis and inflammation

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posted on 18.05.2021, 04:02 authored by Sarah J. Benjamin, Kelly L. Hawley, Paola Vera-Licona, Carson J. La Vake, Jorge L. Cervantes, Yijun Ruan, Justin D. Radolf, Juan C. Salazar
Additional file 10: Figure S4. Bb does not induce ASC formation in BMDMs. (A-D) Confocal 40x images (40x) of BMDMs stimulated with either Sa (A and C) or Bb (B and D) for 30 min (A-B) or 6 h (C-D). Blue is nucleus, red is ASC and green is the bacteria species.


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