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Addition of repeating NTN motifs between the conserved predicted Vn binding motifs causes a looping out of the structure.

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posted on 16.03.2018, 17:27 authored by Clio A. Andreae, Richard B. Sessions, Mumtaz Virji, Darryl. J. Hill

Ribbon structure and molecular model of the N-terminal Vn binding domain of MC58 Msf (SV-1; NGTN motif) (A), 10 amino acid loop variant (e.g. found in Msf SV-5, SV-6 and SV-7) (B), and a 14 amino acid loop variant (e.g. found in Msf SV-8, SV-9, SV-10, and SV-12) (C). The MC58 Msf molecular (wild-type) model was used to predict structural differences of the addition of a repeating NTN motif between the conserved TLKAGDNLKIKQ and FTYSLKK motifs (B and C), seen for the 10 and 14 residue loop variants. Each chain of the Msf trimer is differently coloured (blue, red or green) with the location of the NGTN and loop variant motifs shown in yellow.