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Acylcarnitines profile best predicts survival in horses with atypical myopathy - Fig 1

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posted on 28.08.2017, 17:29 by François Boemer, Johann Detilleux, Christophe Cello, Hélène Amory, Christel Marcillaud-Pitel, Eric Richard, Gaby van Galen, Gunther van Loon, Laurence Lefère, Dominique-Marie Votion

Box plot of (a) hypoglycin A, (b) C2-Carnitine; (c) C10:2-Carnitine, and (d) C18-Carnitine concentrations in sera of atypical myopathy horses among them 11 survived and 40 deceased (hypoglycin A was only measured on 9 survivors and 22 deceased horses). Comments: The central box represents the values from the lower to upper quartile (25 to 75 percentile). The middle line represents the median. A line extends from the minimum to the maximum value, excluding “outside” values (value that is smaller/higher than the lower/upper quartile ± 1.5 times the interquartile range) or “far out” values (value that is smaller/higher than the lower/upper quartile ± 3 times the interquartile range) which are displayed as separate points or red marks, respectively.