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Active zone proteins are transported via distinct mechanisms regulated by Par-1 kinase - Fig 2

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posted on 2017-02-21, 19:17 authored by Kara R. Barber, Julia Tanquary, Keegan Bush, Amanda Shaw, Michael Woodson, Michael Sherman, Yogesh P. Wairkar

A) Representative confocal image stacks showing axons from WT and B) Par-1OE third instar larvae stained against Liprin-α (Green), DAB (Green), mito-GFP (Green) and HRP (Blue). Scale bar = 10μm. C) Quantification of Liprin-α, DAB, mito-GFP intensities from axons. N = 12, Liprin-α p = 0.49, DAB p = 0.09, and mito-GFP p = 0.82. Error bars represent S.E.M.