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Activation of TLR-connected signaling pathways in response to cervical irradiation.

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posted on 18.04.2019, 17:37 authored by Marie Francoise Mukanyangezi, Lucie Podmolíková, Wurood Al Hydad, Gunnar Tobin, Daniel Giglio

A) Representative microphotographs immunostained for MyD88 (green), TRIF (green) and DAPI-stained nuclei (blue) of control and irradiated cervices (days 1–14 post-irradiation). E indicates epithelium, Subm indicates submucosa and SM indicates smooth muscle. Horizontal bars indicate 200 μm. B) Western blot analysis of MyD88, TRIF and NF-κB expression in control and irradiated cervices (n = 6). ** indicates p<0.01 between TRIF expression in control and irradiated cervices at day 3 post-irradiation. Vertical bars indicate S.E.M.