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Activation of PAR2 increased the amplitude of EPSCs evoked by dorsal root stimulation.

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posted on 18.10.2016, 17:30 by Petra Mrozkova, Diana Spicarova, Jiri Palecek

(A) Application of SLIGKV-NH2 (100 μM, 4 min) increased the amplitude of the evoked EPSC. (B) The increase of eEPSCs amplitude during the SLIGKV-NH2 (100 μM, 4 min) application was statistically significant compared to pre-treatment values (n = 17, *p < 0.05). Application of SB 366791 (10 μM, 4 min, n = 10) or staurosporine (250 nM, 4 min, n = 9) prevented the SLIGKV-NH2 induced eEPSC amplitude increase. The mean eEPSC frequency of SB 366791 and SLIGKV-NH2 co-application was statistically different from the application of SLIGKV-NH2 alone (#p < 0.05).