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A rooted hierarchical cluster tree showing the relationship between date palm cultivars and date palm trees from the state of Qatar.

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posted on 2018-12-05, 18:44 authored by Gaurav Thareja, Sweety Mathew, Lisa S. Mathew, Yasmin Ali Mohamoud, Karsten Suhre, Joel A. Malek

The tree highlights the clustering of date palm trees from the State of Qatar with common date palm cultivars. The edge length represents the (1-Identity-by-state) distances. For clarity, Western cultivars (larger triangles) and outgroup (small triangles) are collapsed as no municipality samples cluster in one of them. Date palm trees collected in the State of Qatar are labeled in pink. The labels are colored based on their annotations reported in our previous work [22]. Green labels indicate cultivars that were annotated as Eastern cultivars, and black labels are new cultivars used in this study. The complete tree is presented in S1 Fig.