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A lipid rich HIV+ coronary artery plaque with aggregated cuboidal CCs.

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posted on 2021-05-13, 17:36 authored by Min Hi Park, Jeffrey L. Suhalim, Firas Elmastour, Santu K. Singha, Tadashi Imafuku, Ramanathan Venkatnarayan, Anette Christ, Alena Grebe, Sarah A. Oppelt, Dmitri Sviridov, Michael Bukrinsky, Eicke Latz, Eric O. Potma, Michael L. Fitzgerald

SHG (A), SRS (B) and overlay (C) images of a lipid rich plaque. Panels (D), (E) and (F) show the same plaque at higher magnification, corresponding to the area enclosed by the green box in (A). SRS images were recorded at 2845 cm-1. Magenta indicates regions of high overlap in the overlay images. Vessel lumen of the left descending artery and magnification scales are indicated, and yellow arrow in panel D denotes cuboidal feature shown in higher detail in Fig 7D.