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A large proportion of isolates encoding Msf-SV-8 have a 14 bp deletion within the ESPR taking the protein out of frame.

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posted on 16.03.2018, 17:27 by Clio A. Andreae, Richard B. Sessions, Mumtaz Virji, Darryl. J. Hill

A) msf nucleotide sequence from N. meningitidis MC58 (NMB0992 –Msf SV-1) and serogroup B isolates M07 2040646 and M07 240889 (Msf SV-8). Blue arrow—ATG start giving Msf ESPR signal peptide (translated in frame 1 –see B). Red arrow—possible alternate ATG start (translated in frame 2 –see C). Sequence alignment showed the majority of isolates with Msf SV-8 to have a 14 bp deletion within the signal peptide (A), resulting in a premature stop codon/protein reading out of frame (B). C) If the second ATG (red arrow) is used a full length Msf protein could be produced, but with a much shorter signal peptide. Predicted Vn binding domain shown above (in B and C). Asterisk (*) indicates premature stop codon.