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A genome-wide imaging based siRNA screen identifies regulators of membrane-associated E-cadherin in SW480 colon cancer cells.

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posted on 15.10.2020, 17:44 by Lauren E. King, Hui-Hua Zhang, Cathryn M. Gould, Daniel W. Thomas, Lachlan W. Whitehead, Kaylene J. Simpson, Antony W. Burgess, Maree C. Faux

(A) Membrane associated Ecad scores normalised to mock transfectants for all SMARTpool siRNAs (black) transfected into SW480 cells. Controls are highlighted: mock (blue), siZEB1 (orange), siCDH1 (red) & siPLK1 (green). (B) Mock normalised Robust Z-score (Ecad) plot for SMARTpool siRNA screen. The cut-off for E-cadherin negative regulatory genes is indicated by the red-dotted line (Z-score>5.16); the Z- score cut-off for positive regulatory genes is <0.036. (C) Normalised Robust Z-score (Ecad) (Z-score Ecad) is shown for genes with a functional association with E-cadherin regulation and a gene* with potential miRNA-200 family off-target effects.