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A comparative workflow of all six functional software tools producing GO term lists from the same dataset.

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posted on 2020-11-10, 18:30 authored by Ray Sajulga, Caleb Easterly, Michael Riffle, Bart Mesuere, Thilo Muth, Subina Mehta, Praveen Kumar, James Johnson, Bjoern Andreas Gruening, Henning Schiebenhoefer, Carolin A. Kolmeder, Stephan Fuchs, Brook L. Nunn, Joel Rudney, Timothy J. Griffin, Pratik D. Jagtap

The inputs that are required for each software tool are connected from the top. The reference databases used for each tool are aligned in the middle. The outputs and Gene Ontology (GO) term translation processes are outlined at the bottom. Additional output types (data and visualizations) are shown in the table underneath the workflow.