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A) Schematic representation of Smy2p and its homologue Ypl105cp indicating conserved regions and consensus motifs present at comparable sites

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posted on 2011-12-31, 13:04 authored by Hironori Higashio, Ken Sato, Akihiko Nakano

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Taken from "Smy2p Participates in COPII Vesicle Formation Through the Interaction with Sec23p/Sec24p Subcomplex"

Traffic (Copenhagen, Denmark) 2007;9(1):79-93.

Published online 27 Nov 2007


© 2007 The Authors Journal compilation © 2007 Blackwell Publishing Ltd

Amino acid sequences around the GYF domain of Smy2p and consensus sequence of the domain are also indicated. B) Hydropathy profile of Smy2p calculated as described by Kyte and Doolittle (). C) (YNH2) cells containing pSMY1 (, ), pYPL1 (YPL105c, ) or pRS426 (vector) were streaked onto MVD plates and incubated at the indicated temperatures for 3 days. The amino acids underlined denote the consensus motif of the GYF domain.


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