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A Rapid and Low-Cost PCR Thermal Cycler for Infectious Disease Diagnostics - Fig 6

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posted on 2016-02-12, 07:56 authored by Kamfai Chan, Pui-Yan Wong, Peter Yu, Justin Hardick, Kah-Yat Wong, Scott A. Wilson, Tiffany Wu, Zoe Hui, Charlotte Gaydos, Season S. Wong

(a) Fluorescent signal from reactions using plastic tubes. The PCR tubes that had undergone 45 cycles of TTC RT-PCR amplification were visualized using a cell phone camera. The top two tubes are HIV positive samples, while the bottom two tubes are the same mix that did not go through the RT-PCR process. (b) Gel electrophoresis data of HIV RNA amplicons after RT-PCR using thin-walled polypropylene tubes. Lane 1: ladder. Lanes 2 and 3: commercial RT-PCR (50 cycles in 83 min). Lanes 4 and 5: TTC 330s/10s/45x(15s/30s) (41 min). Lanes 6 and 7: TTC 330s/20s/45x(15s/30s) (41.3 min). (c) Real-time PCR data from the commercial thermal cycler (Cq = 34.8).