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A 3D model of the AaMps1 kinase domain.

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posted on 2016-04-11, 07:55 authored by Jackellinne C. Douétts-Peres, Marco Antônio L. Cruz, Ricardo S. Reis, Angelo S. Heringer, Eduardo A. G. de Oliveira, Paula M. Elbl, Eny I. S. Floh, Vanildo Silveira, Claudete Santa-Catarina

(A) An overview of the kinase domain. Rose: activation loop; Blue: DFG motif; and Cyan: threonines. (B) A detailed view of the DFG motif. (C) A detailed view of the threonine residues (T870, T871, and T881) that are related to autophosphorylation.