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82879 induces LXRα-dependent upregulation of ABCA1 mRNA in MEFs whereas apoE expression is stimulated through LXR-dependent and LXR-independent activities.

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posted on 06.09.2016, 17:31 by Jianjia Fan, Shahab Zareyan, Wenchen Zhao, Yoko Shimizu, Tom A. Pfeifer, Jun-Hyung Tak, Murray B. Isman, Bernard Van den Hoven, Mark E. Duggan, Michael W. Wood, Cheryl L. Wellington, Iva Kulic

LXRα-/β-, and LXRα expressing (LXRα+/β-) MEF cells were treated for 24 h withDMSO alone, GW3965, or compound 82879 at the indicated concentrations. Differential mRNA expression levels of (A) apoE and (B) ABCA1 were measured. Data are expressed as fold-change relative to the respective control group (dashed line) within each genotype. The responses to drug treatment compared to the DMSO control within each genotype (***p <0.001) were compared using a Linear Mixed Model with a Sidak's multiple-comparison test on ΔCT values obtained by qRT-PCR. The magnitudes of drug effect between two genotypes were compared using one-way ANOVA with a blocking factor (Experiment) on ΔΔCT values (# p<0.05, ## p<0.01, ### p<0.001). Data are expressed as mean and 95% CI from at least 6 independent experiments for GW3965 treatment and 3 experiments for 82879 treatments.