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5FOA-resistant growth of S. pombe strains expressing SmPDE4A, SmPDE8, and SmPDE11 in response to exogenous cAMP or cGMP.

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posted on 2020-07-30, 17:58 authored by Jane C. Munday, Stefan Kunz, Titilola D. Kalejaiye, Marco Siderius, Susanne Schroeder, Daniel Paape, Ali H. Alghamdi, Zainab Abbasi, Sheng Xiang Huang, Anne-Marie Donachie, Samia William, Abdel Nasser Sabra, Geert Jan Sterk, Sanaa S. Botros, David G. Brown, Charles S. Hoffman, Rob Leurs, Harry P. de Koning

5FOA-resistant growth is due to PKA-mediated repression of an fbp1-ura4 reporter in these strains. A) Growth response curves to varying doses of cAMP or cGMP in strains expressing SmPDE8 as compared to a strain devoid of PDE activity. B) As frame A, for SmPDE11. C) As frame A, for SmPDE4A. Values represent means and standard errors for three to five independent assays for each strain.