figshare & Oxford University live data project - Supporting researchers in publishing research data

<div>**Please note there is a black screen for the first few minutes but the rest of the recording is live presentation and demo**</div><div><br></div>The open data movement to date has focused on why and how to make data openly available, but what happens next? How can we make use of all this open available data? What cool stuff can we build on top? <br><br>Introducing Martin John Hadley (, Howard Noble ( and the Oxford Live Data project, which pulls data from figshare via the API to create visualisations. <br><br>In this webinar Martin and Howard will describe the live data project (, why it is funded by the University of Oxford and OUP, how they've helped academics so far, and where they want to take the project over the next few years. At the end of the presentation the discussion can focus on the role of data visualization in repository services like figshare.