figshare - 2016 a year in review & plans for 2017

2017-02-01T16:57:34Z (GMT) by Alan Hyndman Chris George
Figshare is constantly evolving as a product and a company; it’s an overused term but we are agile in the true sense of the word. The research data management landscape is constantly evolving, with new data mandates coming from funders, publishers and institutions every month. Each of these mandates have their quirks and nuances, so we strive to ensure our product answers all of these requirements out-of-the-box. <br><br>Whilst 2015 was all about laying the foundations for our “figshare for institutions” product and continuing to improve and refine our offering for our publisher partners and individual academics, 2016 was about building on those foundations through collaboration and innovation with many new features and improvements. <br><br>Join us for this webinar to see highlights of new functionality we built in 2016, how we’ve grown and shaped the figshare team from implementation through to building engagement with researchers, and get a glimpse of some of our plans for 2017.<div><br></div><div>Webinar Date</div><div>1/2/2017</div>