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posted on 2020-11-09, 01:22 authored by Masaaki SudoMasaaki Sudo, Yasushi Sato, Hiroshi Yorozuya
Data set of the outdoor experiment to quantify the temporal change in attractiveness of the three pheromone lure products for the smaller tea tortrix moth Adoxophyes honmai Yasuda (Lepidoptera; Tortricidae).


The data columns "," "Date.start," and "Date.end" correspond to the dates when 1) the pheromone lure was unsealed prior to the settlement of a trap, 2) the sticky traps equipped with the lure was set on the tea field, and 3) the trap was inspected and the yield of the male moths in the preceding 24h was counted.

The column "" means the yield of a light trap of the same day, which was placed in the vicinity of the pheromone traps.

"Generation" means the adult moth generation in a year. The 0th generation is an overwintering generation.

"Site" is the replicate (tea field in which the pheromone traps were settled: see the figure S1 of the manuscript below for the detailed spatial arrangement).

"Company" means the manufacturer of the lure.

"Open" and "Open.str" mean the experimental treatment where the lure was unsealed e.g. 1 week before the settlement in the "Minus1w" treatment.

"SessionDay" is the day in the trap session of each moth generation (SessionDay = 0: trap settlement to the field).

"N" the capture of the day.


Detailed data description is available as a preprint:
"Time-course in attractiveness of pheromone lure on the smaller tea tortrix moth: a generalized additive mixed model approach"
Masaaki Sudo, Yasushi Sato, Hiroshi Yorozuya