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reposnse to simple stimulus , awake = 1

posted on 06.12.2013, 10:14 authored by Helena GłąbskaHelena Głąbska

Reponse to simple thalamic stimulus  + additional current to somas in layer 5 pyramids (1 nA) and layer 6 pyramids (0.75 nA)


out_Neuron.dat -  spikes time in Neuron version with normal GABA conductance

Neuron_out_0_06.dat - spikes time in Neuron version with smaller GABA conductance (6 %)

out.dat - data for spikes time  in  Fortran version with normal GABA conductance,

out_0_06_gaba.dat - data for spikes time in Fortran version with smaller GABA conductance (6 %)


groucho.f change in original file in Fortran version (for normal GABA conductance case), the rest of  the files was the same


init.hoc, groucho.hoc, parlib2.hoc, network_specification_interface.hoc change in original Neuron version (http://senselab.med.yale.edu/modeldb/ShowModel.asp?model=82894)




GROUCHO110... data from suppyrRS, suppyrFRB, tuftIB, spinystellate (from Fortran version)


2.voltage in soma in cell1

3.voltage in last compartment in cell1

4.voltage in 43 compartment in cell1

5. average voltage in somatas (within the population)

6. total AMPA conductance in cell 2

7. total NMDA conductance in cell 2

8. total GABA conductance in cell 2

9.voltage in soma in cell3

10.voltage in soma in cell4

in some cases:

11. field 1mm

12. field 2mm

GROUCHO110_0_06 ... has the same structure only containes data from simulation where GABA conductance was decreased up to level 6%


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