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fluid_intelligence.20016.assoc.tsv.gz from 2017 Neale lab analysis

posted on 31.07.2020, 15:17 by Robert DaviesRobert Davies
This upload includes summary statistics from analysis of the fluid intelligence phenotype from the UK Biobank from the Neale lab as part of their 20170915 release. We cite the following as a reference for this data [last accessed July 31 2020]

Specifically included here are the following two files
fluid_intelligence.20016.assoc.tsv.gz MD5 = 685d4b5e2f35c82fe29d9d9ac6e35db4
variants.tsv.gz MD5 = 1e622b87b19aa60aa18d8ac11d7b3a31
We also include snapshots of the websites referenced in this post as additional files

This data was obtained from the following links

The general website hosting the release can be viewed at [last accessed July 31 2020]

A manifest of files released as part of the 20170915 release can be viewed at [last accessed July 31 2020]

A FAQ detailing usage rights and citations can be viewed at [last accessed July 31 2020]
Specifically it includes the following notes about usage and citations. We include the appropriate citation above, and release the data here as a by-product of the usage rights stating the results may be used without restriction.
Usage: Q: What is the data use policy of the GWAS results? Do I need permission to download and explore them?
A: No, they may be freely downloaded and used without restriction
Citation: Q: How do I cite these results?
A: For the round 2 results [released 1st August 2018], please cite the the page http://www.nealelab.is/uk-biobank/
For the round 1 results [released 20th September 2017], please cite the blogpost (http://www.nealelab.is/blog/2017/7/19/rapid-gwas-of-thousands-of-phenotypes-for-337000-samples-in-the-uk-biobank).


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