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fluff example data

posted on 14.03.2016, 11:23 by Simon J. Van HeeringenSimon J. Van Heeringen
This is example data, these files only contain reads mapped to chromosome 1!

This data set was created as example data for fluff.
See http://fluff.readthedocs.org/.
The following data from Bing Ren's lab was downloaded from NCBI GEO:

GSM878616    H1    DNase
GSM878621    H1    DNase
GSM466732    H1    H3K27ac
GSM663427    H1    H3K27ac
GSM767341    H1_mesenchymal    H3K27ac
GSM767342    H1_mesenchymal    H3K27ac
GSM753425    H1_mesendoderm    H3K27ac
GSM753426    H1_mesendoderm    H3K27ac
GSM864035    H1_mesendoderm    H3K27ac
GSM864799    H1_mesendoderm    H3K27ac
GSM753429    H1_neuronal_progenitor    H3K27ac
GSM767343    H1_neuronal_progenitor    H3K27ac
GSM818031    H1_neuronal_progenitor    H3K27ac
GSM896162    H1_neuronal_progenitor    H3K27ac
GSM753427    H1_trophoblast    H3K27ac
GSM753428    H1_trophoblast    H3K27ac
GSM864800    H1_trophoblast    H3K27ac

FASTQ files were mapped to hg19 using bwa mem. Replicates were merged and all reads on chr1 were selected, and subsampled to 25%.


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