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dataset # 3 lab 3 ecology. abundance and species identification of insects using net sweep method in grassland.

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posted on 07.10.2015, 18:29 by Prachi MerchantPrachi Merchant

The experiment was performed at the Danby woodlot in York university on Wednesday, September 30, 2015 at 4.00pm. The sky was clear and the ground was cool to touch. It was about 15-17 degrees Celsius. It was performed by Prachi, Ghamsayani, Mary and Shaneil. Firstly a standard measure of 7m for the transact was chosen as the distance to be covered during the net sweeps within 1.30min. The net sweeps enables to effectively catch insects that fly from one area to another. The data included all different types of insect species with the most commonly found arthropods and arachnids. 10 different samples were collected and recorded for more precise and efficiency in data. After each net sweep, the abundance and different species caught in the net were identified and recorded. All the group members took turns at sweeping the net and recording the data. The purpose of the experiment was to determine different species of insects present and their total abundance around 4.00pm. This experiment can also be used to determine pests and the exact amount of pesticides required if any in a given area.