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posted on 2022-07-08, 20:51 authored by Jennifer SundayJennifer Sunday

This project contains a dataset compiled based on previous-published data from controlled experiments on responses of 14 species to marine climate change variables. We searched the published literature for controlled experiments in which (i) temperature, oxygen, pCO2, and/or salinity were varied within the range of mean values expected between the present and year 2100 in the California Current Marine Ecosystem and (ii) the individual-level response of these species was measured in one or more of the following categories: survival, metabolic rate, locomotion, somatic growth rate, and resource consumption rate. We extracted either (i) all individual-level observations of the response variable (including control treatments), or (ii) the mean, error estimate, and sample size of aggregated response data. When values were not reported as numbers, we estimated values from figures using WebPlotDigitizer (Rohatgi, 2018). In addition to the category of response, we noted the location of organism collection, experimental treatments, duration of exposure, life phase, and other environmental variables for each experiment. We included published studies through December of 2020.

These data are further described and used in Sunday et al. Biological sensitivities to high-resolution climate change projections in the California Current Marine Ecosystem. Global Change Biology. 2022. 10.1111/gcb.16317

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