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iHPDM: In Silico Human Proteome Digestion Map with Proteolytic Peptide Analysis and Graphical Visualizations

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posted on 28.08.2019, 21:29 by Wai-Kok Choong, Ching-Tai Chen, Jen-Hung Wang, Ting-Yi Sung
When conducting proteomics experiments to detect missing proteins and protein isoforms in the human proteome, it is desirable to use a protease that can yield more unique peptides with properties amenable for mass spectrometry analysis. Though trypsin is currently the most widely used protease, some proteins can yield only a limited number of unique peptides by trypsin digestion. Other proteases and multiple proteases have been applied in reported studies to increase the number of identified proteins and protein sequence coverage. To facilitate the selection of proteases, we developed a web-based resource, called in silico Human Proteome Digestion Map (iHPDM), which contains a comprehensive proteolytic peptide database constructed from human proteins, including isoforms, in neXtProt digested by 15 protease combinations of one or two proteases. iHPDM provides convenient functions and graphical visualizations for users to examine and compare the digestion results of different proteases. Notably, it also supports users to input filtering criteria on digested peptides, e.g., peptide length and uniqueness, to select suitable proteases. iHPDM can facilitate protease selection for shotgun proteomics experiments to identify missing proteins, protein isoforms, and single amino acid variant peptides.