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Verification of amniotic fluid cathelicidin levels.

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posted on 2012-07-18, 14:10 authored by Vojtech Tambor, Marian Kacerovsky, Ctirad Andrys, Ivana Musilova, Helena Hornychova, Lenka Pliskova, Marek Link, Jiri Stulik, Juraj Lenco

In concordance with the iTRAQ findings, women with confirmed MIAC and HCA enrolled in the exploratory phase had significantly higher amniotic fluid cathelicidin concentration than women in whom both conditions were ruled out. Cathelicidin levels were measured using a commercial ELISA kit. Values were evaluated using nonparametric Mann-Whitney U test. Graph represents individual values, horizontal bars indicate median values. Abbreviations: MIAC  =  microbial invasion of the amniotic cavity; HCA  =  histological chorioamnionitis.