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Urine standard analysis.

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posted on 2015-11-05, 04:54 authored by Simona Mrakic-Sposta, Maristella Gussoni, Sarah Moretti, Lorenza Pratali, Guido Giardini, Philippe Tacchini, Cinzia Dellanoce, Alessandro Tonacci, Francesca Mastorci, Andrea Borghini, Michela Montorsi, Alessandra Vezzoli

Mean (±SD) values of the variables measured by a urine test strip from the athletes: taken altogether and NFR groups at Pre-Race and FR at Pre and Post-Race.

Statistically significant differences symbols: P<0.05 (*), P<0.01 (#), P<0.001 (§l) and P<0.0001 (¶).

Urine standard analysis.